Thoughts, Words, Actions And Results

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The way you think affects your emotions and performance in more ways most people realize. Many people are suffering with emotional stress and anxiety which is mostly a result of the way they are thinking. God has given us our minds as a tool to use for whatever we wish to accomplish in life. Knowing how to discipline your thoughts, words, and actions to have the right results will set you up for success and victory. The world has discovered the secret of the power of the human mind. It is not a mystery to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this book you will learn.

  • How to manage your thought-life.
  • How to deal with Fear, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleeplessness once and for all.
  • The visible results of invisible thoughts.
  • How to speak things into existence by the Word of God.
  • How to take action and realize your dreams.
  • How to use the faith you already have.
  • How to determine the effects words have on you.
  • And more …
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