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Rev. Pastor Gerald Hugo

Pastor Gerald Hugo is the Senior Pastor and founder of Grace Tabernacle Church, and author of the famous “Power On Demand” Daily Devotions, that is read by people around the world on social media and in book format. 

He is also the author of the bestselling book “How to interpret your dreams and visions.” A book that helps people to interpret their own dreams and visions, with a dream dictionary of over one hundred pages. He is the host of the weekly television broadcast, “Power On Demand” that airs on various television channels and online.

Pastor Gerald Hugo delivers a powerful message of Healing and deliverance with signs following. He is the visionary of the 2020 Mandate and custodian of “beyond 2020” projects. His messages and teachings empowers the hearer and people’s lives are totally transformed for the better; through the working of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Gerald Hugo hold Miracle and Prophetic services every first Sunday of the month in Mamelodi with people traveling from various cities and provinces to attend.



Rev. Pastor Gerald Hugo and Pastor Inness Hugo
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