How To Interpret Your Dreams And Visions

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Did you ever have a dream or a vision and were wondering about the meaning? Then this book is for you, with a dream dictionary of more than 100 pages. The average person dreams 4 dreams per night and that is 1460 dreams a year. If we say 90% of your dreams are just meaningless, and 10% of them are God giving you an important message, then you might miss 146 messages per year from God. God gives us dreams to give us direction, comfort, instruction, assurance, and warnings for things like accidents that we can avoid. If your dream goes uninterpreted it simply means you have missed an important message from God.

As a child of God, you cannot just search the internet and turn to psychics and fortune tellers as Nebuchadnezzar did, to interpret your dreams. Remember, Daniel and Joseph, said “the interpretation of dreams is with God.” This book is a scripture-based bedside tool that will help you to interpret your dreams and visions and those of others. Never miss a message from God again. Get this book today and enrich your spiritual life.

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