• Everything Jesus Purchased For You: The Finished Works Of The Cross

    In this book you will learn how to receive what Jesus came to purchase for you. The last words of Jesus on the cross was “it is finished.” The question is, what was finished? What was the assignment of Jesus that He came to finish?
    In this book you will learn:
    •How to respond to the storms of life.
    •The truth about bloodline and family curses.
    •How to live the Blessed Life.
    •Is tithing Law or Grace?
    •How you can receive complete healing.
    •The truth about Deliverance.
    •Why the world loves God but rejects Jesus.
    •The purpose of the Holy Spirit in your Life.

  • Thoughts, Words, Actions And Results

    The way you think affects your emotions and performance in more ways most people realize. Many people are suffering with emotional stress and anxiety which is mostly a result of the way they are thinking. God has given us our minds as a tool to use for whatever we wish to accomplish in life. Knowing how to discipline your thoughts, words, and actions to have the right results will set you up for success and victory. The world has discovered the secret of the power of the human mind. It is not a mystery to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    In this book you will learn.

    • How to manage your thought-life.
    • How to deal with Fear, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleeplessness once and for all.
    • The visible results of invisible thoughts.
    • How to speak things into existence by the Word of God.
    • How to take action and realize your dreams.
    • How to use the faith you already have.
    • How to determine the effects words have on you.
    • And more …
  • A Roadmap To Victory

    Have you ever been at a place where you knew where you wanted to go, but you did not know how to get there? I guess we’ve all been there. This scenario does not only playoff in our normal day-to-day activities but it also affects our emotional wellbeing. I wrote this book as a roadmap that will direct you from a place of emotional chaos, fear, anxiety, depression, and worry to a place of peace and tranquillity, where you most probably want to be.

    In this book you will find:

    • A daily program you can follow to get to your place of peace and tranquillity.
    • 120 Short Daily Devotions that will charge and motivate you every day.
    • The method how to identify the common causes of fear, anxiety or depression and how to avoid them.
    • And more …
  • How To Interpret Your Dreams And Visions

    Did you ever have a dream or a vision and were wondering about the meaning? Then this book is for you, with a dream dictionary of more than 100 pages. The average person dreams 4 dreams per night and that is 1460 dreams a year. If we say 90% of your dreams are just meaningless, and 10% of them are God giving you an important message, then you might miss 146 messages per year from God. God gives us dreams to give us direction, comfort, instruction, assurance, and warnings for things like accidents that we can avoid. If your dream goes uninterpreted it simply means you have missed an important message from God.

    As a child of God, you cannot just search the internet and turn to psychics and fortune tellers as Nebuchadnezzar did, to interpret your dreams. Remember, Daniel and Joseph, said “the interpretation of dreams is with God.” This book is a scripture-based bedside tool that will help you to interpret your dreams and visions and those of others. Never miss a message from God again. Get this book today and enrich your spiritual life.

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